12 december 2019 - Mats Målqvist


Mats Målqvist

How does your research contribute to a better world?

"Social sustainability is a one of the three dimensions of Agenda 2030, together with ecological and economic sustainability. To secure a sustainable future, we need societies that are equal, just and protecting all people’s rights. We need to put an equity lens on our efforts and we need to address the social structures that maintain socially unjust inequalities. Only if we allow everyone to develop their full potential can we face and overcome the global challenges for a sustainable world.

In my research I have focused on how to improve health and survival for the most vulnerable women and children and how to build health systems that are resilient and efficient to deliver health care for all. By demonstrating how health is connected to values and positions attributed to social characteristics like education, income and ethnicity, my research is raising the awareness of the need for equity."

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