11 December 2019 - Carolina Wählby


Carolina Wählby

How does your research contribute to a better world?

"My research is focused on developing methods that can extract information from digital images. The topic is information technology, but the problems we’re trying to solve are related to medicine and biology. The camera in your mobile phone probably has algorithms that find faces in the image. My algorithms find things like different cell types and cancer. Humans are very good at interpreting images, but when the images are numerous and complex, we are limited. One such example is histopathology, where samples of tissue are examined in the search of disease. My algorithms work like a ‘spell check’, pointing to places where the tissue does not look normal, helping the pathologists to be more efficient. Even more exciting is that the algorithms have the power to ‘see more’ than the humans, and for example find clues on what may be the optimal treatment of a given group of patients."

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