10 December 2019 - Maths Isacson


Maths Isacson

How does your research constribute to a better world?

"The industrial society as we know it from the 20th century has undergone a transformation with growing problems in densely populated cities and depopulation, and abandoned buildings in old industrial areas. It is argued that we live in a geographically and socially divided society with high-tech competitive companies in big cities and outdated rural areas in the absence of development ability.

In earlier research, I have focused on how industrial knowledge and cultural heritage in Nordic-Baltic regions are used in service society. In a new multidisciplinary research project in Uppsala we examine educational pathways in rural areas in relation to place conditions. Questions in my sub-study are, first, whether professional skills in rural industrial regions have been transferred and developed in competitive businesses and, second, whether the earlier so extensive social capital has survived and renewed in today's associations."

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