9 December 2019 - Sanna Koskiniemi


Sanna Koskiniemi

How does your research contribute to a better world?

"The post-antibiotic era is here; with multi-resistant bacteria causing life-threatening infections that are not treatable with any of the antibiotics we have available today. The intense use of antibiotics has driven selection of bacteria with resistance to essentially all antibiotics in medical use and new means of treating infections are direly needed.

My research focuses on understanding how bacteria regulate growth, of the own cell as well as those in the vicinity. In addition, we investigate what bacteria need to colonize a new host, hoping to learn how to prevent colonization by multi-drug resistant bacteria. To discover new mechanisms for these fundamental processes is interesting on its own, but will also help us to develop new treatment strategies for bacterial infections as well as novel approaches to limit the spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria."

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