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What is Testa Center?

Testa Center is a major initiative between the Swedish government and GE Healthcare providing a 2500 m2 (27,000 sq. ft.) pilot-scale purpose-built facility.

The Center consists of four industrial quality laboratories (non-GMP) in test-scale, with a focus on single-use technologies. The laboratories and the Center’s equipment can be used for:

  • Scale-up and verification of digital and technical solutions or biological projects in an authentic production setting
  • Scale up of key processes such as protein production and purification
  • Education and training of students

In addition, the Center provides all necessary basic equipment such as incubators, centrifuges etc., as well as basic glassware.

What can be done at Testa Center?


  • Scale up of protein production from cell cultivation to protein harvest
  • Downstream processing and purification
  • Test of new production-related technologies


The facilities can be used to provide practical laboratory courses and training on industrial bioprocessing

Learn more:

Uppsala University and Testa Center

Through a collaboration agreement, the university has access to Testa Center, its equipment and key expertise for 25 weeks per year. These days can be used for both student laboratory courses and research projects. As a researcher you retain full control over your data and results.

Through the agreement with Testa Center individual researchers and teachers will not need to pay to gain access to the laboratories.

The university has appointed project managers responsible for strategy work regarding the university's use of the Testa Center in its research and education. Project leader is Peter Lindblad, Professor at the Department of Chemistry-Ångström Laboratory, and deputy project leader is Göran Alderborn, Professor at the Department of Pharmacy.

Gaining Access to the Center

If you are interested in carrying out activities at the Center, please get in touch with any of the university's contact persons as below. You will need to fill in a short application for your activity which we can help you with. Once your activity has been approved, we will – together with you and with GE’s staff – develop a timeline and schedule your project/course.

Take me to application


Andy Browning, collaboration manager at Uppsala University Innovation
Telephone: 018-471 3559

Margareta Krabbe, senior lecturer at Biology Education Centre
Represents the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology
Telephone: 018-471 4836

Erik Jacobsson, doctoral student at Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Represents the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine & Pharmacy
Telephone: 018-471 4491