Facilitates innovation and collaboration in Life Science

What is Swelife?

Swelife is a strategic innovation programme, co-funded by Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas. Swelife supports collaboration within academia, industry and healthcare, with the goal to strengthen Life Science in Sweden and to improve public health.

In the short term, Swelife's goal is to ensure that small and medium-sized companies and early-stage projects have access to more comprehensive financing, from idea to implemented  product/service.

Projects financed by Swelife have high innovation potential and are conducted in collaboration between different actors within the life science sector. Its calls for proposals aim to facilitate and speed up business development and commercialisation.

What can be financed through Swelife?

Examples of activities that could be financed through Swelife calls:

  • Investigating market conditions, such as identifying customers, customer needs, potential partners and competitors
  • Examination of technical and design conditions
  • Developing a basis for greater development work
  • Developing new knowledge and developing prototypes of products or demo versions of services.
  • Investigation of intellectual property and regulatory conditions and development of intellectual property rights strategies and protection
  • Investigation and development of production methods.

Learn more: www.swelife.se

UU Innovation at your service

If you intend to apply for funding from Swelife, we offer support and coaching with your application.

We will give you personal feedback on:

  •      Your idea - does it match the call?
  •      Your application - does it hold for a review?
  •      Your continued work - what is the next step?

Our goal is to optimize your chances of funding. We help ensure that your submitted application is in line with the call at hand, and is of as high quality as possible. If there will be an interview, we also offer support with reviews of your presentation and tips on possible questions that may arise during the interview.

Swelife Hands-on

With the support of both Tillväxtverket and Vinnova, Swelife Hands-on is a strategic project which supports business and product validation model. The project strengthens the innovation capacity in life science by building expertise into early projects and SMEs, by strengthening collaboration between SMEs and universities, and by bridging and strengthening the financing of innovative ideas and projects.

In order to create successful fast-growing companies, Sweden must become better at utilizing all the skills that exist in the country. Through the creation of a national, cross-border "ecosystem" that contributes with its expertise to both early projects and SMEs, promising projects can secure relevant results which result in further investment and ultimately customer benefit and economic growth. This is done by increasing collaboration between Sweden's leading regional R&D regions in life science.

Swelife Hands-on is funded by: Swelife/Vinnova and Tillväxtverket.


For information about Swelife and the support you can get through Hands-on, please contact Andy Browning, collaboration manager at UU Innovation and Swelife coordinator at Uppsala University.