MAYday for Crisis - collective intelligence can make an impact


The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened human lives, causing economic instability, political confusion and fear. Many people have lost their lives and many economies are struggling.

At the same time, this is a moment of opportunity to come together as a society – not only to find immediate solutions, but also collaborate and learn for the future. Evidence-based research and knowledge plays a crucial role in this process and it is important to make sure it comes to good use.

MAYday for Crisis - bringing competencies together

MAYday for Crisis is a platform created by UU Innovation to capture relevant research, knowledge and interests from all of Uppsala University’s researchers and employees who are interested in contributing to initiatives related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such ventures could be associated to medicine and healthcare research, technological inventions applied to existing developments, social structures and education, or economic methodologies and innovation.

You are invited!

We welcome everyone who is interested in helping battle this crisis, to join the platform, support this initiative, and collectively build a unique pool of competencies within academia which can make an impact. The ambition is to initiate an ‘open arena’ where new discussions and projects on different themes, covering the whole spectra of Uppsala University's knowledge, will flourish.

Support for action

Depending on the focus of the activities in each thematic area, UU Innovation can support new projects and idea development, assist in finding partners for collaboration and help out with funding – the aim is to take projects and research forward to the surrounding society and make them part of the solution against the pandemic.

Want to join?

Do you want to join the MAYday for Crisis platform or perhaps you have questions about how it works?

Do you represent an external organisation that would like to collaborate with Uppsala University on this initiative?

Please contact us as below.


If you have any questions about MAYday for Crisis or your participation in this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact:

Harris Stamatopoulos, UU Innovation