From concept to collaboration

Verification for collaboration (VFS in Swedish) provides funding to initiate joint projects between Uppsala University and private, public or non-profit organisations. With VFS you get the opportunity to go from the idea of a collaboration to actually testing it!

VFS is a collaboration support driven by a quest for increased cooperation between academia and the rest of society. With the help of VFS you can realise a common project, test your cooperation and lay the foundation for continued collaboration.

Within the framework of the VFS a project can receive funding by up to 300 000 SEK. Cooperation projects can vary in scope and focus but are always to the mutual benefit of the participants.

What can be financed through VFS?

The following can be financed through VFS:

  • Salary for the academic party’s tasks in the project
  • Planning/meetings/trips
  • Third party services that are crucial to the project
  • Purchase of supplies from third parties
  • Hiring of infrastructure and equipment for the project

The following, on the other hand, are not funded:

  • Contract research and commissioned education
  • Collaboration with researchers' own companies
  • Purchase of services or supplies from party within the collaborative project

UU Innovation at your service

If you are planning to apply for VFS-funding or simply would like to learn more about this funding opportunity please contact us for advice and support. We offer support throughout the process, from planning the application to when the collaborative project is up and running.

Don't hesitate to use the service we provide on VFS. The earlier you contact us, the better help you can get.

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Assessment of application

VFS applications are assessed based on the following criteria:

Problem formulation and objective
a. The application contains a clear formulation of the problem which project expects to solve.
b. The anticipated results are clear and realistically described.

a. Planned activities planned should be possible to perform within the project timelines.
b. Budget and activities are reasonable for reaching the project objectives
c. There is clear access to the competence and network needed to carry out the project.  

Potential and benefit for all participating partners
a. The value for the external organisation is well described
b. The value for the academic scientist is well described.
c. Credible reasoning around the societal benefit of the project

Potential for continued collaboration after finished project.
a. The possibilities to continue a collaboration after the end of the project is described well and realistic.
b. There is potential for the collaboration to attract further funding from funding agencies or from the external organisations to enable continued collaboration after end of this project. 

In short
  • Background and objective of the collaboration
  • The project's feasibility
  • The project's value to the participating parties and society
  • Potential for continued collaboration

This is how the application process works

  • UU Innovation provides advice and hands-on support with your application for VFS-funding.
  • The specified application form must be used
  • Applications for funding are made jointly by the parties and must be signed by both parties.
  • Applications are assessed by reviewers appointed by the university's three disciplinary domains
  • Funding recommendations are made by the university's Advisory Board for External Collaboration
  • The Vice-Chancellor will make the formal decision on VFS-funding
  • The decision is announced by UU Innovation
  • If the application is granted, the money is paid to the project's academic part.
  • Payment requires a cooperation agreement governing intellectual property rights, which UU Innovation, if necessary, can help with.

Application form:

The VFS Application Form

Application dates:

Each year, there are at least two application rounds for VFS. Application deadline for the next upcoming round is 1 December 2019.

We look forward to your application!


For further information or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cecilia Nilsson, collaboration manager at UU Innovation.