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AIMday Sustainable Cities is a unique opportunity for academic researchers, companies and organisations to network, exchange knowledge, and initiate collaboration related to sustainable solutions for cities.

  • Participate in effective workshops where questions raised by companies
  • and organisations initiate discussion
  • Meet potential partners leading to new opportunities for interaction
  • and collaboration
  • Gain knowledge of the latest research, technologies and new methods
  • within the field of sustainable development
  • Discover new approaches to solving concrete problems
  • Apply for funding to kick-start collaborative projects

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Join us at AIMday Materials 2018

For the eleventh year running we arrange AIMday Materials to bring together academic researchers and industry representatives in the field of materials science. We hope that this year’s event will attract both new and former participants, and be just as successful in bringing understanding and new perspectives to industrial problems.

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Join us at AIMday Cancer 2018

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world today. Many years of research have led to an increased understanding of the underlying disease causes and mechanisms, and this new knowledge has helped develop better cancer prevention and treatment. However, a lot remains to be done to reduce the number of deaths, advance treatment and improve quality of life for patients.

We invite academic scientists, clinicians and company representatives to AIMday Cancer for discussions on new approaches and solutions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

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PhD course on intellectual property rights and commercialisation

This course is aimed for PhD students and employees and includes three seminars. It will give you basic knowledge about IPR and commercialisation of research results as well as tools to find useful information from patents in your research area. The course is given by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (Patent & Registreringsverket, PRV) and UU Innovation.

The course is organised within science & technology and medicine & pharmacy respectively, and tailored for the different disciplinary domains.

Next course takes place in the autumn of 2018 and is aimed for PhD students and employees within science and technology. Registration is closed

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Contact person at UU Innovation is business advisor Nhils Forslund.

The next course within medicine and pharmacy is planned to take place in the spring of 2019.