UU Innovation

Join us in creating new opportunities!

Pirkko Tamsen, Head of UU Innovation

The concept is simple, and it works. Society is positively full of challenges that require sharp minds. We at UU Innovation know where they are, and we can match a need for understanding to the right expertise. With our help, researchers and students have a great opportunity to test the viability of their ideas. Companies and organisations can access the contacts and competence they need for their development. Together we can create maximum benefit for as many people as possible.

Sweden is a great country! We have many unique opportunities that are not available in other parts of the world. In addition to free education, right of public access and parental leave, we have the teachers’ exemption. Teachers and researchers own the rights to their own research. They can themselves apply for a patent and control their research results. This is unthinkable in many other countries.

I myself have been involved in developing several early-stage companies and I remember well the euphoria when it was time to harvest the results of hard work. But of course, there were also some dead ends. What a pleasure it would have been to meet our current business advisors during my time as a researcher!

Uppsala University pursues world-leading research in nine faculties. This has led to entrepreneurship and innovations of world class. Our researchers publish in leading journals and are often cited. Our university ranks firmly among the world's top 100. We welcome companies and organisations to contact us whenever they seek knowledge and collaboration. In this way we can ensure that Sweden remains what the OECD already calls us - a leading innovative country.

And to all you researchers or students: we have professional advisers who will help you develop your idea or results into something more. Maybe you bear the seeds of a new product or service, which can make a difference for many people. Or your knowledge could help existing businesses become better? Our mission is to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from your findings and ideas. That includes, of course, yourself. We’ll show you the way. Completely free of charge. That’s also fantastic.

Please let us know your question or idea; we’ll help you take it further.

Pirkko Tamsen